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A typical day at BNPS Primary wing

Hi!! I am a student of primary grade. Come along as I take you to my school & share my everyday experience

It's 7:50 am that I reach my school gate. The beautiful fragrance of the lush green lawns and the lively atmosphere welcome me with open arms. As I climb the stairs towards my classroom on the first floor, I wish my teachers with a warm 'Good-Morning! and receive the same in return with sweet smiles. I drop my bag on my desk and move down to the mid- field for assembly. It gives a feeling of togetherness as the entire school gathers with the assembly bell at 7:55. The same begins by thanking God followed by national anthem. Heading back to the class accompanied with my class teacher, I start the day with the first period of my time-table at 8:10. My favorite period where I get the opportunity to explore, express & exchange ideas with my peers in the group activities.

As the bell rings the other period begins with a lot of enthusiasm as I play with numbers and increase logical thinking through my hands on experience with concrete material. Proceeding to Arts & Crafts period I develop fine motor skills and add coloures to my imagination. Yippy!!!! Its recess and the class ends! I have my delicious lunch & sometimes my mother gives me canteen money also. I quickly finish my lunch and rush to play with my friends. After the break time it
's time for the English period which enhances my comprehension, writing & speaking skills. Followed by Sports period for which I have been waiting since the morning.

I increase my gross motor skills/Physical stamina and develop team spirit through different games. Oh!! Got to go for the next period, wish I could play for some more time. Yeah!! But never mind it's computer period where I grow with technology. The day ends with this last period at 2:30pm, time to board the school bus and go home. Wish I could spend some more time in school! 

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Arushi Kathuria:-

Arushi is a B.El.Ed. She is currently taking Primary Wing for Reading classes. She is creative and a fun loving person. She likes to become a child with children and focuses on exploring children's potential. She wants to be reflective and learn throughout her life.


Anju Singh:-

She has done B.Sc. (H) botany and LLB from Delhi University and B.Ed. from Annamalai University. She worked in H.E.S. and right now working in BNPS as Primary teacher. She is self-motivated person always ready to accept challenges and act calmly in adverse conditions. She loves to interact with children and shares good bond with them. She is working with this institution from last fifteen years.



Dedicated, Resourceful & Goal Driven Professional educator with solid commitment to the social and academic growth & development of every child. Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated, educator who wants all children to be successful learner.



A friendly and a caring teacher of our Primary group. She has done B.El.Ed. from Institute of Home Economics (Hauz Khas) Delhi. She has been working here from last year.She teaches mathematics to Grade 4. She is very hard working and dedicated teacher. She is always there to support her children and colleagues.


Deeksha Dhillon:-

Deeksha has done B.El.Ed. From Delhi University .She is conceptually sound and tries hard to build that level understanding in her children. She is teaching EVS to Grade 4. She believes in learning with fun.


Deepa Kumari:_

She has done B.El.Ed. From DU: Working as a PRT (EVS) teacher. She is a learner, patient listener & a reflective person. She believes in nurturing the child as an individual who is equipped with life skills, for her education is a social reform that helps us in forming our opinion, thinking freely & becoming sensitive towards different issues.


Geeta Rawat:-

Geeta rawat has done M.Com. & B.Ed. from (HNB University) Dehradun. She was the mother Teacher of Grade 2 for 5 Years and has been teaching English in Grade IV at BNPS Since the last two years. She is an affectionate, encouraging, sensitive and reflective teacher . She brings deep engagements and passion for the learning among children inside the classroom & tries to make the learning enjoyable.


Gopika S. Pillai:-

Gopika completed her B.El.Ed. from Delhi University. Currently She is working as PRT English taking in 3rd Grade in B.N.P.S. She believes in providing free and secure environment for teaching – learning process. She believes in upholding the value of education and providing equal opportunity to all.

Email:- gopikaspillai91@gmail.com


Kiran has done B.El.Ed. From Delhi University and is working EVS in Primary class at B.N.P.S. She is a hardworking, passionate, sensitive, encouraging and reflective teacher. She tried to make EVS learning more enjoyable and meaningful for the learners & tries to help children identify and explore their potential.