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A Flowery Tribute to BNPS!
Flowers, Children and BNPS,
Friends inseparable!
Love for environment unfathomable!
Love for children immeasurable!
Love for education incomparable!

Bharat National Public School, known for its inimitable approach to education with outstanding results, displays its process not only in the educational fields, but glorifies education by beautifying the surroundings with flowers and gardens that resemble a paradise! No wonder the prizes keep flooding in! BNPS win accolades in the many shows organized over the years. To mention a few:

At Indraprastha park show our school has always bagged............
Ist prize in garden category at School/college entry level since year 2003
Its being 8 years since we have kept the tradition… in winning this prestigious.

  PUSA agricultural fair   Ist prize in garden show
  Noida cut flower show (2007)   Ist prize
  Noida flower show “Dahlia flower-(2006)"   Ist prize
  Indraprastha flower show against Delhi jal board   Declared Queen of the show
  Indraprastha flower show (2004) Dahlia Highest score   Ist prize
  Indraprastha flower show (2002) flower arrangement   2nd prize

And it doesn’t stop here………………