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BNPS is a learning-oriented organization where passion to learn and grow is clearly evident in one and all. Besides excellent infrastructure and facilities, the teaching and administrative staff are constantly preparing and striving to excel in their respective domains.  

The whole school has been divided into manageable sub units consisting of around 300-400 children with 20-30 teachers in each units of Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Senior & Sr Secondary. Each subunit is headed by an experienced Coordinator supported in academics by various curriculum developers. The formative assessment forms the basis of working with each child in a planned manner through informed understanding methods.  

The school is associated with various N.G.Os method and organizations for social cause beside providing free education to lot of under privileged children.

Not only our results in both academics and co-curricular activities speak volumes of our efforts and dedication but also has a profound impact on the environment making it conductive to intense learning. The vibrations and the happiness oozing out from every corner of the school, support our very honest claims.

Bharat National Public School, Ram Vihar was started in 1994, and is managed by BNPS Education Society, a registered minority status society under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Donations to the Society are exempted from Income Tax Act 80G. In addition to BNPS Ram Vihar, the management runs the Happy English School, situated in the neighboring Sharad Vihar. 

Through the eyes of Principal......

My association with BNPS dates back to April, 1993 when our journey in the field of education started together. BNPS a Senior Secondary school in process of settling afresh in its new premise at Ram Vihar and myself a young professional in education aspiring to establish a unique school with a holistic vision. We journeyed through our share of highs & lows, pleasure and pains, achievement and struggles, joys and worries and so on and so forth. In these sixteen years of moving ahead and growing together we have come a long way. BNPS started with only 65 children in the facilities any contemporary institute world wide would be proud of. I being fortunate to be leading this journey feel privileged to share few core values and practices which make BNPS stand apart in this competitive world today.

BNPS stood all these years on the foundation of freedom and respect for and amongst all its team members. Everyone gets freedom to operate in one’s own domain without any fear of being monitored or threateningly questioned. Disagreements are talked about, argued upon but the integrity of every person to the cause is always considered intact. What drives an individual’s commitment here is that special feeling of being respected and recognized as an important member of the team. BNPS provides a secure environment for everyone to be able to question not only others but oneself as well. This helps in openly sharing and seeking support to over come that.

And it is not different in case of children and their response to learning. Commitment from their side is seldom issue as they are also treated with respect and dignity. We tend to nurture their potential in an emotionally supportive environment. They are considered as unique individuals, encouraged to build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. In the process they grow as confident human beings full of depth and knowledge and sensitivity towards others.

One practice which has been the hallmark of BNPS journey is its commitment towards growth of learning as a continuing process. This gets reflected in the fragrance of freshness BNPS basks in everyday. Teaching here is a full time profession where commitment to learning is paramount. New ideas, new researches, new technologies are carefully tracked, examined and implemented for better learning. We have long understood that those who do not move forward are bound to fall down sooner than later. What we have started three years back in our school in form of examination reforms and educational practices (on the basis of recommendation of NCF-2005) has now been implemented in the entire country by HRD ministry through its education bill. Starting early and working on these practices with total commitment has already put us way ahead of others in this field.

The impact of these practices is already visible on our children’s learning. They are developing lifelong love for learning without fear of being judged or examined or labeled senselessly. Children here are developing an intrinsic desire to learn and we have strong data to substantiate our claim that now in BNPS learning is no more a burden and examination no longer a stress.

We are proud to have our BNPS vibrating with energy and togetherness. It’s a school where learning and struggles attached to learnings are valued, understood and conquered, where infrastructure and facilities are world class, professionally managed and holistically maintained, where one is responsible for all and all are responsible for one, where sports & fitness is an integral part of the curriculum, where commitment towards the society starts from home and extends to the whole universe. This is our BNPS.

Kanwaljeet Khungar
Bharat National Public School