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  1. What is BNPS?
    BNPS is a progressive senior Secondary School based on in depth understanding of education where students construct own meaning from personal values, beliefs and experiences.
  2. How is the Evaluation System?
    Continuous and comprehensive evaluation on the basis of skill based performance of the students in various dimensions of their personality is done by the class teacher/subject teachers.
  3. What are the timings of the school?
    Pre Primary through Grade I – 8:55 am – 1:00 pm. and Grade II – XII – 7:55 am – 2:30 pm.
  4. Is the school has Library?
    There is a large library with lots of interesting story books, text books and reference books.
  5. How is the Lab Facilities?
    The school has separate Mathematics Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab and all the labs are facilitated with the modern equipments as per the new syllabus.
  6. What all documents are required at the time of admission?
    (a) Birth Certificate of the students (For Nursery and KG)
    (b) Medical Certificate of the students (For Nursery and KG)
    (c) Report Card from the previous school (For 1st onwards)
    (d) Transfer Certificate from the previous school should be submitted after grant of admission.
  7. Is there medical facility for the students?
    A system of regular medical check up is being classed by the school to meet the necessary its own fully equipped medical room to meet emergency of any kind.
  8. Is outdoor space available for sports?
    Yes, there is a lush green play field for all major outdoor sports
    Yes, the school has expansive sports field for multiple outdoor games.
  9. What is the average number of students per class?
    Nursery – KG = 22
    I – IV = 32
    V – VIII = 35
    IX – XII = 40
  10. Is day boarding facility available for the students?
  11. Does the school provide meals to the students?
    No, school does not provide the meals to the students.
  12. What is the student teacher ration in Pre-Primary?
    20:1, 1 teacher on 22 students (+ 1 Maid)
    Which is ideal teacher student ratio for personalized and individual attention.
  13. What is the fee structure?
    Please check website for the fee structure.
  14. How old is the BNPS?
    BNPS, Ram Vihar is approx 20 years old branch.
  15. Is any third language teachers in the school?
    Yes, it has Punjabi / Sanskrit & French as option for third language from grade VI.
  16. What is the age criteria for Pre-primary?
    Child should be 3+ years old for nursery and 4+ years old for KG by 31st of March.
  17. Can parents visit the school?
    Yes, parents can visit BNPS to get the real experience. Parents can visit the school premises, interact with admission incharge, obtain the required information about the school, see the classes and meet the teacher. BNPS always pleased to receive enquiries from parents and encourage them.
  18. What will be the role of school if student is not a self-directed learner?
    The multiple intelligences and project learning approach is designed to create interest towards study and our counselor can also help students to organize and enjoy their study through counseling.
  19. How are parents involved in the educational process?
    BNPS organizes parent’s orientation programmes and sample attachment given to get them involve.
  20. When does the admission open for the next academic session?
    Admission for the next academic session starts in the month of January. Forms can be collected from the school office or download from the website.