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Literature, Music & Art
“Literature, music and arts, all are necessary for the development and flowering of a student to form an integrated total personality.”-Rabindranath Tagore. “Total flourishing of a child” – is an ensemble of educational aim and art education is inevitable to achieve this aim .This is a tool to transmit aesthetic sensibility among the learners, which enables them to enjoy the beauty in color, shape, movement and sound. It helps them to come closer to their environment and makes them aware of their cultural heritage. Moreover it inculcates in them the respect for each other’s work.

In Bharat national Public School, at the preprimary and primary stages, the subjects are integrated in themes which are transacted through various teaching modes. Art education is one of these modes. The children learn through playing freely with natural materials like clay, sand, flower and leaves. As for example during the learning session of theme “PARK”, the children visited park, explored and observed various features of park which was a joyous learning period. They expressed freely their ideas and emotions through musical compositions, art work like clay modeling of animals or colorful drawing of park or origami. Likewise in the theme “WATER”, the children scripted a street play and expressed their concern about the scarcity of water through their musical dialogues. The sensitivity towards the nature was evident in their free flowing expression.

In the upper primary stage and secondary stage the children learn specific art forms e.g. Music (instrumental and vocal), art (fine art and sculpture) ,dance and drama in assorted club schedules. During this time period the children obtain the opportunity to learn wide variety of art forms both classical and folk level, so that they become the recipient of the culture and the performer. Last year, the school celebrated an extravagant “community week” and the children displayed their self creation of artifacts through an exquisite art exhibition. The culture programme witnessed vivacious folk dances of India depicting our rich culture in conjunction with various forms of classical dance, portraying the heritage of our predecessors. The dramatization of R. Dahl’s novels during Reading culminations and evening programmes - extracted out the child’s innate ability to draw the character sketch through enactments. During the project culminations too the children of upper primary stages displayed their acquired sensitivity by creating their own dialogues in skit presentations.

The explosion of creation occurs in the senior secondary stage, when the children explore the world and express their views through the abstract modes. Their imagination reaches at the height and they are in the pursuit of excellence. During the allocated slots of club periods, they experiment with different mediums to frame words to their ideas , their emotions and their imaginations. Last year , while celebrating community week, they presented “save water” epitomizing the importance of water in order to awaken the mass that was the parents’ community.

In Bharat National Public School, the art education has its own identity and thereby it follows unique teaching methodology, approach of learning and evaluation.

As a discipline, art education in the school helps the children to imbibe language of aesthetics, explore the possibilities to take up art as a career and to become a creator or a critic or simply a connoisseur.