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The entire strength of school is divided into four houses, viz. Fire, Earth, Water and Space for infusing healthy competitive spirit amongst the children. All major sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Handball, Athletics, Skating, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho and swimming are played on intra and inter school level on regular basis. At the co-curricular activities front, the school participates in a comprehensive way in all activities like Debate, Declamation, Speech, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Drama, Quiz, etc.

What are extra curricular activities?
We have many activities in school like Sports, Music, Dance, Drama and Art & Craft where in student excel in their field and experience now ideas and exposure.

How the students and teachers actively involved in activities?
Students and teachers both in BNPS actively involved in activities. Teachers are equally involved in their class presentation and Inter School Competition. Where in student also give their participate with full.

What kind of physical activities are emphasized?
In BNPS we emphasized or many physical activities to make us possible by introducing. We have activity period for classes VI-XII in which students freely do their exercise. They play different sport and they dance and sing.